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Eduardo Tavares is a visual artist and fine art photographer born in the Azores islands and now living and working in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada.

While growing up, Eduardo was exposed to art through his grandmother’s beautiful paintings of still life and by his grandfather’s photographs of the amazing places he had travelled.

His rhythmic and creative genes led him into the music field and from the age of 12 he picked up several instruments, deciding on drums when he formed his first band with his two brothers and a cousin at the age of 18.

In the early 90’s Eduardo discovered digital photography and since then has learned and mastered the in’s and out’s of digital imagery.

Eduardo is constantly getting influenced by the things he sees and most of his artwork starts with one or more photographs that he has captured himself, whilst others are digitally hand painted from scratch.

Eduardo’s extensive background in computer technology and imaging software gives him the freedom of self-expression to create images that draw their energy from a visual impact: he loves creating images that exhibit a painterly quality, and also hand painted digital paintings that resemble the “Masters” styles. 

Artist Statement:

Every time I create an image, I want the viewer to feel an emotion but not necessarily the same one I had when creating that image. I love creating artwork that is ‘powerful and thought provoking’.

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